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Spring-Summer 2018Updates

Posted by Administrator Mon, July 30, 2018 17:02:36

Loco Status

47306 ‘The Sapper’ – In overhaul.

D3452 – Stored awaiting overhaul.

P403D ‘Denise’, 08444, 33110, 37142 & 50042 ‘Triumph’ – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period

3rd & 10th March DEC.

17th & 18th March Half Price weekend.

8th & 29th April Yellow Timetable x2 return trips.

14th April DEC.

19th April Private charter.

21st & 28th April Lilac Timetable x6 return trips.

5th May EE Day special timetable.

6th & 20th May Yellow Timetable x2 return trips.

16 & 17th June Fathers weekend Mixed Timetable.

30th June Lilac Timetable x6 return trips.

12th & 17th July Replacement service.

14th July DEC

Future running dates

4th,,18th Aug Mixed traffic timetable.

9th, 23rd Aug Pub Quiz evening.

1st Sept Mixed traffic timetable.

8th Sept Lilac Timetable x6 return trips.

9th & 30th Sept Yellow Timetable x2 return trips.

15 & 16th Sept China Clay weekend

21st & 22nd Sept Diesel Gala


The start of the season saw the usual couple of DEC runs (Driver Experience Course) with 37142, the first of which even had snow on the rails! Then further use of 37142 with the start of season half price weekend running top & tail with steam. A lilac all diesel timetable day in April with 6 return trips and then the English Electric day with both 37142 & 50042 was held in May. Again we successively ran light engine DEC’s in between TT service with the benefit of the two lines and signalling.

Congratulations to our trainee secondmen on passing out from training, namely Dan Harris and then father & son, Antony & Daniel Tobbell who are all now fully qualified. James Goodhall has also passed the practical assessment leaving a rulebook & medical exam to undertake when his time allows.

In June for Father’s day we ran the first of this years mixed traction days with a diesel & steam combination. Lessons learnt from this and the one from last year, means the August mixed traction days will have some small changes and will remain a great day to experience both forms of traction within a busy timetable.

Looking further ahead some early planning has started on the two day diesel gala which is Friday 21st & Saturday the 22nd of September. Hopefully we can release some solid news on this soon.

Maintenance for service duties

33110 – A regular run up and small maintenance undertaken to allow station shunts & ash disposals as and when required.

37142 – Just prior to the ‘Beast from the East’ the coolant was topped up with more antifreeze. A & B Exam undertaken to commence the running season (March) and a further A exam also undertaken. A failed ‘through cab floor’ air gauge pipe has been replaced that feeds the main reservoir gauge and the brakes have been adjusted.

50042 – Was extracted in May from Parkway shed and towed to Bodmin General as the coolant had all been drained due to the extreme cold weather in the early spring. Coolant filled up, 50042 was fired up and everything checked out fine except the new KV10 module controlling the train heat generator that powers the radiator cooling fan. The exact cause of this occasional fault has still to be identified and investigations are ongoing, the loco is serviceable with a reset of this module occasional needed during service. A & B Exam as well as brake adjustments and wiper motor servicing undertaken.

In Overhaul

47306 – ‘The Sapper’

Much has been done since the last update here, a lot of it the small items now which all take their time but are just as important as the bigger things. Most visible is the appearance of RFD gloss colours with much of the body work now in 1st coat gloss. The underframe have also seen many hours of work applied to it and now is largely in black gloss with individually coloured pipework identified.

Mechanically work continues with the engine now serviced along with most of the secondary machinery also receiving attention together with the bogies & axles which is basically lots of greasing!

The engine room roof which went to a contractor has after many delays now seen a lot of progress and we hope to see this again during August. Which will start the last part of installing the silencer back into the roof before then being lifted back onto 47306 once more.

Cab 2 has been brought up to the same level as Cab 1 with stripping back and painting out and both cabs are now receiving new lino on the floor largely completing work inside the cabs.

Winter 2017-18Updates

Posted by Administrator Sun, January 21, 2018 13:55:10

Loco Status

47306 ‘The Sapper’ – In overhaul.

D3452 – Stored awaiting overhaul.

P403D ‘Denise’, 08444, 33110, 37142 & 50042 ‘Triumph’ – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period

28th & 29th Oct Half Price Weekend 37142 running top & tail with Steam.

4th Nov 50042 Lilac TT, celebrating 50 years of 50’s.

2nd Dec 33110 relief loco for Santa specials.

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Future running dates

17th & 18th March, Half Price weekend loco TBD top & tail with steam.

8th April Yellow TT, loco TBD x2 round trips

21st April Lilac TT, loco TBD x6 round trips

28th April Lilac TT, loco TBD x6 round trips

29th April Yellow TT, loco TBD x2 round trips

Maintenance for Service Duties

33110 – Serviced.

37142 – Ran the October half term, half price weekend, then laid up for winter. The air relay valve that has been sticking for bogie 1 has been serviced.

50042 – Ran for the 50 years of 50’s in early Nov, a split vacuum hose was replaced on first service run, causing a 15 min delay. 50042 over the winter is in Parkway shed.

Whilst in Parkway shed, the second new KV10 module has been fitted to control the electric train heat generator, also all the small air receivers (Tanks) have been drained with a couple of manual valves now fitted to aid in future draining of these receivers’. Cab 1 desk has been stripped down to allow a drivers wiper control valve exchange to take place.

Blog imageDaniel Tobbell making and fitting new protection covers for the new KV10 module prior to installation into 50042.

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

Work has continued on cleaning, painting of the wheels, bogies, running gear and underframes etc with large parts now in black. A side continues to receive attention with more touching in work, whilst B side is catching up with the filling and sanding etc.

Below each of the cabs the large quantities of expanding foam used to draft proof the loco cabs years ago, is proving quite a task to now remove. This has become necessary to help prevent the corrosion that has taken place ‘hidden’ over the years. Cab 2 internally has seen a lot of effort these last couple of months and is now beginning to look like it could be a cab again, with parts of the desk now primed. New checker plate in places, internal door cover plates renewed and partially painted out.

All of 47306’s window seals have been renewed which has stopped the water entering Cab 2 (Still out in the open, as opposed to Cab 1 which is under shed cover) and this will help the paint out of this cab.

Work has commenced on servicing the machinery with both compressors being cleaned, drained, new oil and compressor one tested on batteries. The air system has been pressurized up to working pressure (144 psi) with a couple of leaks fixed and the triple pump (pressurizes, fuel, lube oil and coolant water) run to first fix leaks / check pressures etc successfully. The external light have all been reinstalled, wired up and tested.

Summer - Autumn 2017Updates

Posted by Administrator Tue, October 24, 2017 18:16:59

Loco Status

47306 ‘The Sapper’ – In overhaul.

D3452 – Stored awaiting overhaul.

P403D ‘Denise’, 08444, 33110, 37142 & 50042 ‘Triumph’ – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period

22nd July 33110 (37142 failed) Lilac TT.

5th Aug 50042 Lilac TT.

17th Aug 50042 Pub Quiz evening.

19th Aug 50042 Lilac TT.

2nd Sept 50042 Lilac TT.

10th Sept 37142 Yellow TT.

16th Sept 33110, 37142, 50042 & 57604 (GWR Guest) Gala TT.

22nd, 23rd & 24th 37142 China Clay TT.

30th 37142 DEC.

8th Oct 37142 Yellow TT.

14th Oct 37142 DEC.

Future running dates

28th & 29th Oct Half Price weekend 37142 top & tail with steam.

4th Nov 50042 Lilac TT Special 50th year of class 50’s. Last Diesel running day 2017!

Maintenance for Service Duties

33110 – There has been no major issues with 33110, with little use during the summer / autumn. The loco has been in use on a couple of occasions standing in for steam / diesel breakdowns or top and tailed to bank the smaller steam locos, as well as saw turns during this year’s diesel gala. A exam undertaken.

37142 – A through floor air pipe failed preventing 37142 taking its rostered turn on the 22nd July, this was repaired successfully. Cab 1 air horn low note stopped working, this has been repaired. A exam undertaken.

50042 ‘Triumph’ – An air receiver (Tank) developed a pin hole, this was successfully swapped out with no missed turns. Both coupling pins replaced. ACB1 circuit breaker became defective and failed, this has been replaced. A lazy AWS EP valve serviced bringing back into use AWS / DSD which had been on and off isolated each time the EP valve had stuck. A exam undertaken.

Autumn Gala

The highlight of this year was our guest locomotive GWR 57604 ‘Pendennis Castle’ fresh out of works with its new livery. The GWR crew were thrilled to drive our Parkway line with its interesting gradients, curves and Colesloggett Halt! Thanks must be given to Nick Dyke GWR 57604 driver and Chris Fry GWR Area manager for arranging this with our Railway Manager Chris Hatton, never an easy task to get all the paperwork and approvals in place these days.

Blog image

This year the diesel gala also had a new experience available, drive a mainline locomotive light engine for over 30 minutes on one of our lines. Clever use of our two lines and additional crewing allowed the opportunity of time slots in the working time table for a number of light engine driver experiences. Six people signed up for an experience and all went away with big smiles on their faces having thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to drive one of the ‘Big Loco’s.

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The rather wet Diesel Gala largely went to plan until the end, a fault in the signal box interlocking in the afternoon caused a delay. Luckily Tom our resident expert was on hand and a quick fix was made. But by now the class 57 had to depart to make its mainline timed slot. A revisit to the working time table ensued and 37142 + 57604 departed light engine to Parkway enabling 57604 to depart on time to meet its mainline commitments. The last train of the day again to Parkway came to a grinding halt at Fletchers Bridge, as between the previous service returning and this last train a tree had fallen across the line! Luckily with 33110 on the rear, the train was able to return to General and taxis arranged for those with connecting trains departing from Parkway station.

Blog image

A big thank you to all who came to this year’s Diesel Gala and supported the day, along with a big thank you to those who contributed in making it happen, a very busy day on at times a very wet day, we even had a down pour of hail in September!

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

Even with the above running dates and maintaining the operational fleet, good progress has been made on ‘The Sapper’ over the summer and into the autumn.

Externally the extensive work on filling & sanding the sides of the loco is starting to show now as paint layers are being applied we are seeing with satisfaction a very smooth side. Work on the Cab, boiler room & radiator roofs is finished, leaving only the engine room one to return and be installed. Nearly all the window seals (there’s 16 of them!) have been renewed with just a couple left to do and both cab fronts are well on the way to being finished. Work has started now on the bogies and underframes cleaning, scraping and priming, all the bogie steps have been removed for welding repairs before painting.

Internally Cab1 is now in the touching up and finishing stages, whilst Cab 2 is moving into the priming and undercoating stage. The engine ancillary equipment and pipes are reinstalled and now at the stage of ready for coolant once more. Electrically we are starting to work our way through the circuits with a view of bringing some alive again to begin testing. Work is also due to commence on painting out the auxiliary space.

All in all good progress.

New Arrival

Bubble Car 12020

Freshly purchased from Chiltern railways by the B&W trust, Bubble Car 12020 arrived gleaming in its blue and yellow livery this week.

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May - June 2017Updates

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Loco Status

47306 ‘The Sapper’ - In overhaul.

D3452 – Stored awaiting overhaul.

P403D ‘Denise’, 08444, 33110, 37142 & 50042 ‘Triumph’ – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period.

13th May English Electric Special TT Day with 37142 & 50042

21st May x2 return runs Loco 37142 Yellow TT.

9th June Private charter 50042

17th & 18th June Heritage Transport Festival 37142.

24th June Mixed Traffic Day, x8 return trips shared diesel 37142 & steam.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Drivers - During this period, two additional drivers have passed out on our class 50 and one more on our class 37 locomotives, which should mean greater flexibility to run 50042 in particular.

Future running dates.

22nd July 37142 Lilac TT x6 return trips.

5th Aug TBC Lilac TT x6 return trips.

17th Aug TBC Pub Quiz evening.

19th Aug TBC Lilac TT x6 return trips.

2nd Sept TBC Lilac TT x6 return trips.

Maintenance for Service Duties


33110 has seen little use during this period and is B&WR standby loco.


Following the successful (temporary) repair to the coolant header tank, 37142 has once again settled into giving a steady reliable performance with no issues to report, passing fit to run exams.

50042 ‘Triumph’

Blog image50042 'Triumph' awaits the right away with the Private charter clays 9/6/17

Triumph was due to take part in the heritage transport weekend, however during the private charter a developing fault occurred with the train brake leaking beneath Cab 2 floor. Taken out of service to investigate, found the pipe was about to completely fail in the usual EE way through the cab floor meaning 50042 had to be withdrawn from the heritage weekend until repairs could be made.

With the cab floor already removed, two volunteers spent the best part of one hot June Saturday tackling the pipe fittings in one of the worst locations. Persistence, skill and at times a large hammer won through with the repaired pipe work being tested in the late afternoon.

Our regular exams highlighted a new issue in that the coupling pins were starting to wear and bend, so both have now been replaced.

We hope to run 50042 during one or two of our approaching summer turns.

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

The big news with ‘The Sapper’ is the generator is back and installed!

Blog image

Early on Friday the 23rd June MacSalvors lifted the 7.5 ton generator from the lorry that had returned it to Bodmin and swung it into 47306 once more. By 10am the lift was all over and the rest of the day was spent bolting the generator down and coupling it to the engine. Rotation deflection tolerances were then checked and are well with limits.

Blog image

The push now is to rebuild everything that was removed for the generator removal, namely the exhaust system, turbo, silencer, air intake and coolant pipework. Then we should hear 47306 start up once more.

Blog image

Meanwhile the Radiator louvers have been completed and are back in position, Cab 2 internally is progressing with strip back and priming, along with more external bodywork areas also moving forwards.

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