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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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Jan / Feb 2015

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Sun, February 22, 2015 12:55:58

Loco Status

P403D ‘Denise’ - In overhaul,

08444 - In Traffic,

D3452 - In Traffic,

33110 - In Traffic,

37142 - In Traffic,

47306 - In Traffic,

50042 - In overhaul.

Operational dates this period.

No diesel service trains this period

Various dates – 08444, 33110 & 47306- Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates. (Loco TBC)

Sat & Sun 21st & 22nd March Service train Half Price Weekend, Red timetable, Top & Tail with Steam all day.

Sat 28th March Service train (33110 & 47306) 6 x return trips, Red timetable, SULZER DAY! (WTT TBC).

Sat & Sun 5th & 6th April Service train Peppa Pig Easter, Top & Tail with Steam all day.

Sun 12th & 26th April Service train 2 x return trips, yellow timetable.

Maintenance for Service Duties


During February permanent way moves, 08444 suffered a major battery fire, resulting in several cells damaged beyond use and a tow back to Bodmin General by 47306. As the battery bank had been observed as coming to its end of life and 08444 is our general duties shunter, a new set of batteries has been purchased by the railway and now fitted by staff and volunteers.


No work undertaken during the period. 33110 has been in regular use these last two months supporting the PW and highways bridge maintenance work, with moves supporting contractor equipment and material movements.


No work undertaken during the period, in early Feb a routine run up was carried out and maintenance checks found a hidden issue with the fuel pump overspill drain was blocked. Post unblocking, 37142 was run up again and taken for a light engine move with no issues discovered, after its lay up since October.


In early Jan the secondman side footwarmer of cab 1 erupted in smoke when in use on a cold PW move. This started a general strip out and refurbishment of the secondmans side, including removal of the failed footwarmer, metal preparation, priming, undercoating and glossing. Before the fitting of new heater elements and reinstatement of a overhauled footwarmer heater, in between use on PW moves.

47306 has been a mainstay of PW tasks this winter and settled down after a few teething issues largely resolved during the Xmax break to perform faultless with large packages of PW and bridge work on both branch lines being undertaken.

An opportunity to inspect and service the batteries was undertaken on a number of rest days. Some minor service work with wipers and washer also undertaken along with the refitting of a refurbished cab cooker.

A fault has developed in Cab2 speedo indicating an excessive speed (100mph) when stationary! This is yet to be investigated.

In Overhaul


Finally the long task of cleaning up all the air filters, priming, undercoating and glossing has completed, together with new fresh air filter material, they have all been reinstated.

Various parts of the generator room have seen more paint along with the electrical cubicles and thin mans side.

The air rams and shutter task has also completed, with both sides now connected up and proven to be operational from air activation! Just the final run up test to do now with the newly installed temperature controller also finished and awaiting an engine test and run up to sign it off.

The fuel and air system has seen attention, with inspections and renewals of filters taking place, along with the compressors receiving an oil change.

The main generator brush gear received a full inspection and the previously leaking roof had done some damage to the top brush gear. So replacement with spares has been undertaken

Both the engine room and thin mans side windows have been refitted with new rubber seals hopefully again making them watertight. Work continues on the roof and now with metal construction fully finished, work on priming, undercoating and even glossing has started.

Cab 1 internally is in the process of clean up, and painting out and work continues on this task on days when outside work is unsuitable.

Very noticeably, Cab 2 external preservation work has taken a leap forward as the stripping back and filling task has completed. The whole cab has now been primed and even undercoated making a very noticeable difference indeed, during our finer winter weather for a change.

The new AVR has been removed from the clean air compartment for some internal wiring modification to allow correct operation for use with a class 50. Having removed it from this rather inaccessible area, a decision was made to move it to the top of the old rheostat frame in the generator room far more suitable now the air cooling is not required by this electronic unit. Three volunteer days later and this task is complete except testing once again on next engine run up.

P403D ‘Denise’

Work continues on Denise, which has seen a move away from the workshops to temporarily being housed in the Engine shed along with J94. Many of the panels are currently removed and preservation work on each of these and the chassis is being undertaken.

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