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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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December 2015

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Tue, December 29, 2015 16:24:41

Loco Status

47306 'The Sapper', P403D ‘Denise’ - In overhaul.

08444, D3452, 33110 – In Traffic.

37142 & 50042 'Triumph' – Winter Stored.

Operational dates this period.

33110 A 'Santa' special charter for a school party, 4/12/15.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates.

2016 Timetable TBA (To be announced).

Maintenance for Service Duties




None, winter stored with a large tarpaulin over the radiator and fan.

Four brake cylinders for 37142 or 50042 have been overhauled and placed into our spares.

Two of the group priming up some assembled brake cylinders.


At the beginning of December 47306 was shunted to be mostly undercover into shed road 2 at Bodmin General and all available labour has been put in to preparing 47306 for roof removal. Work commenced that week on removing any attached internal fittings from the roof, ie lights, fire detection, electrical control cubicle suspended from the roof above the generator and the exhaust from the turbo charger.

The many corroded bolts and nuts that hold the roof in position took some undoing and those that could not be shifted were cut off or chiselled, before the roof seal itself was broken with steel wedges all the way around. The lifting eyebolt blanks removed and threads re-tapped before the lifting eyes inserted, meaning the roof is now ready for lifting off!

Meanwhile the four radiator shutter assemblies have been disconnected from the hydraulics, the hinge assemblies freed up and these are also ready for lifting off and overhaul in the workshops. The two Radiator fan grills have been removed and the task of scraping back plus priming has begun in this area. Along with cleaning out the radiator rainwater troughs and unblocking the drains which were both heavily clogged / blocked.

Internally the generator room electrical junction boxes and battery isolation switch (BIS) which all suffered very badly from the years of the roof leaking above them are being stripped back, along with the task of rebuilding them having already commenced. The floor around the generator has also seen an extensive cleaning up / needle gunning back to bare metal and a first coat of primer in many areas, the intension here is to overlay the weakened floor with new floor plate over the top.

In the boiler room as reported in the last update, the blower motor removal has given us a big headache as ‘all’ the securing bolts had been fitted during its last installation which is very unusual. The end result was the blower motor was extremely difficult and time consuming getting the last couple of inaccessible bolts removed. Endurance paid off along with fresh minds and hands plus a gas axe for the final one or two. The weekend before Christmas finally saw the blower motor removed. This means we can now get in behind it and scrape back the part of the boiler room had has been beyond reach up to now, to finish the paint out begun two years ago.

All in all, a large amount of work has been undertaken on 47306 this month and we wait to see what removing the roof will reveal and how much work is required to the supporting structure.


None, winter stored and is stabled in Parkway shed currently, staying warm and dry!

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