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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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Feb / March 2016

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Sat, March 26, 2016 11:25:37

Loco Status

47306, P403D ‘Denise’ - In overhaul.

08444, D3452, 33110, 37142 & 50042 – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period.

20th Feb DEC 37142

5th March DEC 50042

12th & 13th March 37142 Half Price weekend Top & Tail with steam.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates.

3rd & 24th April 33110 & 37142 respectively x3 returns.

14th May x5 Return runs Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

Three days of mixed traction on the spring bank holiday weekend (28/29 & 30th May).

English Electric day 4th June featuring extensive running of 37142 & 50042.

Maintenance for Service Duties


Cab 1 Secondman’s side door frame renewed as wooden frame work completely rotten. Three more to do as time allows.

Cab 2 drivers controls freed up after slowly getting harder to operate.


Compressor 1 failed to make air during the second day of the half price weekend running. Investigation later found a union in the pipework had worked loose allowing total air lose from this compressor. Pipework tightened fault fixed.

The perpetual problem of the sanders failing has been given some attention and freed / un blocked once more.

Cab1 DSD pedal freed up.


Cab 2 leaking driver’s window extracted, new seal fitted and installed successfully.

Prior to the booked DEC on the 5th March, 50042 was extracted from Parkway shed. Two out of the four exhausts that as a subsequence of the new roof profile were now proud and prone to allowing rain water ingress, were packed with glass rope and high temperature sealant.

50042 given an ‘A’ Exam and run up with a test run and certified fit to run.

A couple of contactors are still playing up post re-commissioning and wheel slip relay has now been exchanged out to prevent an issue of no power.

During the DEC a power issue with the output of the main generator was diagnosed and hopefully fixed. However the refurbished Cab 2 driver wiper motor failed again and requires attention along with the engine room window seals that still allow rain water to enter.

5th March 2016 50042 Light Engine moves on Driver Experience Course.

50042 has been returned to Parkway for dry storage until next booked use in May or June.

In Overhaul


At the time of writing this the man hour effort into 47306 overhaul fast approaches the 1,000 hours mark. With much unseen work having gone into the Boiler room & Engine room floor replacement, both having now received sections of new floor plate, cut, welded and painted. In the boiler room the corroded blower motor trunking has been cut away and new fabricated ready for welding in. The two failed air receiver blow down pipes have also been replaced & renewed, along with the painting of the blower motor itself seen below in primer.

A notably almost finished area is that of the BIS (Battery Isolation Switch) and the electrical junction box above it, just compare the before and after pictures. The BIS having been fully removed, corroded body / floor area repaired, corroded frame work repaired, BIS overhauled, new parts made and all now reassembled along with new floor panels around the generator and BIS area.

Although efforts are being put into finding a suitable contractor to refurbish the engine room roof section, so far this has not occurred and the roof section remains in place. Negotiations continue and it is hoped it will not be many more weeks before this is seen lifted off and under repair. Thus also allowing the engine room internal body work / roof support beams to be cleaned up and persevered ready for the refurbished roof return.

Externally a lot of effort has gone into the fiddly work of refurbishing the many roof panels that have been removed. Air filter cages too have started the tedious process of being cleaned back and painted. Both engine room doors are receiving work, including new foot treads and parts are now primed.

Both Cabs are in the process of being stripped back and various fittings removed for individual overhaul.

Another noticeable external piece of the restoration is the rotten body side steps have been cut out and either cleaned up and repaired or new being made ready for welding back in place.

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