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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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April 2016

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Sun, May 01, 2016 09:54:16

Loco Status

47306, P403D ‘Denise’ - In overhaul.

08444, D3452, 33110, 37142 & 50042 – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period.

3rd & 24th April 33110 & 37142 respectively x3 return runs on the Sunday Yellow TT.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates.

14th May x5 return runs (37142) Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

22nd May x3 return runs (33110) on the Sunday Yellow TT.

Three days of mixed traction on the spring bank holiday weekend (28/29 & 30th May, 37142, 50042 & 33110 respectively).

English Electric day 4th June featuring extensive running of 37142 & 50042. 9x return trips, approx. 60 miles of EE Thrash in the day on the banks of Bodmin.

11th June x5 return runs (loco TBD) Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

Maintenance for Service Duties


During an ‘ash’ disposal run, on the return leg 33110 lost power and could not regain it until the locomotive was placed into Air brake mode. Investigation later on found the copper pipe leading to the Vacuum governor under cab 1 desk had broken, thus preventing the Vacuum governor operation to allow power to be applied. The pipe has been fixed.

Cab 1 speedo also failed over the winter, removed from the desk, stripped down and discovered the diode bridge had failed. New diode bridge made, installed, speedo reassembled and installed into desk. Speedo now fixed.

33110 has commenced a period of carrying out a series of mid-service exams, the first step of this was to place it over the steam engine shed inspection pits and exam / service the bogies / traction motors and running gear (Brakes, bearing etc).

Both of Cab 1’s door frames have been replaced now (previous completely rotten) and doors refitted along with a long list of checks and servicing.

Photo Dan Harris, 33110 entering Steam shed to go over the inspection pits.


An 'A' Exam has been undertaken to check routine items and for 37142 to remain in service, 37142 continues to perform well.

50042 ‘Triumph’

50042 has been stored in Parkway shed for dry storage, soon to reappear ready for booked use end of May (29th) and the 4th June EE Day special.

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

With well over 1,000 hours of volunteer work having now been put into 47306’s overhaul, some areas of the locomotive are showing signs of reflecting this effort. In particular internally the boiler room and engine room /generator area are vastly improved.

Work continues in the boiler room / blower motor area, with first fit of the blower motor snail to new trunking along with making up new seals and gaskets.

The blower motor itself has been serviced (along with its counterpart in the aux machinery space). Meanwhile above this area, the boiler room access panel and roof frame was found to be in poor condition, so new is being manufactured along with reconstructing the frame it sits on, including drilling and tapping the two dozen bolt holes required and making new rubber seals.

Our youngest group member Daniel Tobbell (16) works on tapping out new bolt holes in the boiler room roof.

Cab 1 continues to be prepared for full paint out, whilst Cab 2 rotten wooden floor has been removed, sub frame wire brushed and primed, undercoated / preserved. Relaying of a new wooden floor for Cab 2 has also been completed and new metal fabrication to the badly corroded secondman side steps / body work area by our contractor’s employee Sam is well on its way to completion.

Dan Harris happily chipping away at Cab 2 floor.

The Cab 2 centre panel with Multi train working connector and marker lights has been removed as this appeared to be badly corroded. Though this does not now appear to be as bad as suspected and may re-instated after a clean-up and paint along with work on the Cab 2 front.

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