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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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July - Aug 2016

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Wed, August 17, 2016 21:02:43

Loco Status

47306, P403D ‘Denise’ - In overhaul.

08444, D3452, 33110, 37142 & 50042 – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period.

11th June x5 return runs (33110) Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

30th July x5 return runs (50042). Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

13th Aug x5 return runs (33110). Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates.

25th Aug Evening Quiz night train, (33110 or 37142).

27th Aug x5 return runs (50042). Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

3rd Sept x5 return runs (37142). Red timetable Diesel hauled all day.

9th Sept Special TT Clay day. Steam & Diesel, including 08444 & 37142 with P403D naming & launch.

18th Sept x3 return trip (50042). Yellow timetable shared with Steam.

24th Sept Autumn Diesel Gala, Special Timetable. 08444, D3452, P403D, 33110, 37142 & 50042 WTT and available loco’s to be confirmed.

Maintenance for Service Duties


During service (11th June) the Secondman door window detached itself from the metal retainer. This was fixed on the day with glass sealant and service was not interrupted. Another incident however caused some amusement in the cab when the trainee secondman sat down on his seat and set off the foam fire extinguisher that had become lodged under it! The cab had a good and unexpected wash out.

The beginning of August saw issues develop with 33110 and failing to start, this was diagnosed to a single failed battery cell, which was exchanged out for an old (good) spare one. An opportunity was also taken to put 33110 over the steam shed pit once more to look at a couple of spotted concerns that resulted in some more exam checks and sign offs.

For the first time since 1992 and its restoration for preservation service at B&WR, the DSD (Driver Safety Device) has worked in both cabs as missing parts and the system has been made to work! Not essential for B&WR working as we operate with a secondman, it is always nice to know things work as they should and after so long without it though.

33110 completed an A & B Exam before service on the 13th Aug, along with a good external clean so at least we could see out of the drivers and secondman windows!

During service on the 13th Aug it has been noticed that the oil temperature is higher than expected, this is now under investigation.


The booked turn for 37142 on 30th July started out just fine, with 37142 firing up easily at Parkway shed, moving out and completing driver fitness to run checks. Five minutes past this and just at the point of putting 37142 onto the running line for its LE move to General, an air pipe burst under the floor of Cab 2 driver position. With no hope of fixing this on the day, reluctantly we dragged out 50042 prepped and used ‘Triumph’ to haul 37142 to General for repairs before stepping in with our 50 for the day. The location and nature of the failure was difficult and after near two days of combined hard effort, 37142 is back in service again, ready for its turn in September or possibly the ‘Pub Quiz Evening’

50042 ‘Triumph’

Post Engine overhaul and now with some running hours to prove all is well with the power unit since its return to service last Autumn, it was now time for an oil change. Arrangements made and over four days of work, the oil was drained, sump and filters cleaned / serviced. Then 50042 re-filled with the gallons of oil that the 2750 HP engine takes.

‘Triumph’ has been found some summer space in Parkway shed to shelter from the Cornish sunshine and we thought would stay there until end of August for next service. However on the 30th July 37142 failed as above and 50042 covered the service, though proved a little reluctant to leave its cosy shed. Two unexplained engine shutdowns which it is known to suffer on occasions every now and again, each time successfully restarting and continuing with service. Also the Fire Alarms were activated on a couple of occasions as temperature built up internally and the heads are now currently out for testing to find the faulty ones.

The speedo’s in both cabs have once again failed and need investigating.

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

Considerable work has gone into a number of areas of 47306 in the last 6 weeks, in particular all the individual roof panels that have been removed, with then stripping back, repairing and beginning to repaint / restore the fibre glass and frames. The endless task of cleaning back the air filter cages and priming them also continues.

More work has been done around the body sides and cab fronts, with Cab 2 in the process of being taken back to bare metal, enabling us to see all the previous battle damage ‘The Sapper’ has survived over the years. The new head code panel is now fitted and salvaged tail lights are in the process of being reconditioned and painted for fitting.

The renewed control air drain pipe that runs behind the now reinstalled blower motor had a small air leak on its joint when tested. Numerous attempts at fixing this failed through the letterbox hole in the body side that had been cut to assist with this work.

Until it was decided to cut a new hole in the floor and re-run a new union and connection through it. With Batteries reconnected, and 47306 own compressor run up (start governor overridden), created 140psi, all the boiler room repair work was proven to be good!

The BIS (Battery Isolation Switch) overhaul (other than the fibre glass cover) and main bus-bars is fully finished, the task of servicing the batteries and linkage has begun.

The stubbornly blocked rain water drain on the top of the coolant header tank has finally been unblocked by a clever homemade extra-long 5mm drill bit, some 3ft in length! Saving the work of removing the coolant header tank to clear it.

Cab 1 floor renewal has been finished.

A date has been fixed for later in this month for the removal and overhaul by contractor of the main engine room roof. In preparation of this the engine silencer has been lifted out and other parts freed up also ready for removal.

With as many as 10 or 12 volunteers now attending on certain working party days / running days the pace of 47306 overhaul and maintaining the fleet of diesel loco's at B&WR has certainly picked up in the last year or two.

If you think you could be interested in lending a hand then just pop along to the main office and ask for us on a Wednesday or Saturday which is generally the diesel groups working days.

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