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Read below our regular monthly / quarterly updates of work in progress and operations of the diesel locomotives based at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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March - April 2017

UpdatesPosted by Administrator Mon, May 01, 2017 09:00:15

Loco Status

47306 ‘The Sapper’ - In overhaul.

D3452 – Stored awaiting overhaul.

P403D ‘Denise’, 08444, 33110, 37142 & 50042 ‘Triumph’ – In Traffic.

Operational dates this period.

5th March Driver Experience Course 37142.

18th March x5 return runs 37142 top & tail with steam Red TT.

19th March x5 return runs 37142 top & tail with steam Red TT.

9th April x2 return runs Loco 37142 Yellow TT.

22nd April Driver Experience Course 50042.

23rd April x2 return runs Loco 33110 Yellow TT.

29th April x6 return runs Loco 37142 Lilac TT.

Various dates – 08444, D3452 & 33110 - Permanent way and station shunt duties.

Future running dates.

13th May English Electric Special TT Day with 37142 & 50042

21st May x2 return runs Loco 37142 or 33110 Yellow TT.

17th & 18th June Heritage Transport Festival.

24th June Mixed Traffic Day, x8 return trips shared diesel & steam.

Maintenance for Service Duties


No issues this period, used on ash disposal runs, station shunts and stand in for 37142 on the 23rd April service see below.


We start March with 37142 booked for a driver experience course, which ran successfully and recruited a new member to the diesel volunteers, welcome David.

A & B exams were carried out in early March with 37142 passed fit to run.

The usual March half price weekend saw 37142 in use both days top & tailing with our steam colleagues at the start of the 2017 operating season.

Post the yellow Sunday timetable on the 9th April we became aware that the water level in the coolant header tank was starting to drop by a small amount. Whilst topping the level up prior to service on the 23rd April, the small leak became a hole in the bottom of the tank very quickly!

Resulting in 37142 declared failed and 33110 being used instead for the Sunday duties. Inspections luckily found a way to carryout repairs (temporary) without the need to remove the engine roof, disconnect pipework and remove the tank etc. Hopefully keeping 37142 in service for some time to come, while the group look to effecting an overhaul or replacement of this tank.

29th April saw the repaired and passed fit to run 37142, hauling our first of the year Lilac timetables.

50042 ‘Triumph’

On the 18th April following its winter hibernation, 50042 was extracted from Parkway shed by 37142, prepped and fired up, running up fine and passing a fit to run exam. Hauling 37142 back up to Bodmin General its first haulage since the Xmas installation of the new KV10 main generator controller and last Octobers service train.

A booked driver experience course was undertaken on the 22nd April with three delighted participants and ‘Triumph’ certainly lived up to its name, driving the best it ever has in preservation from one of the group members who recalls how it arrived at Bodmin back in 1992!

Some minor modifications have been undertaken to the temperature controller circuits that should mean a longer life for the smaller relays involved in controlling the bigger 110v dc contactors.

A new fault has developed that means the exhauster speed up circuit for Cab 1 (Downhill at Bodmin) does not work, initial investigation looks like the wire that runs full length of the loco has failed, meaning at present drivers have to be careful not to over brake going down our gradients.

In Overhaul

47306 ‘The Sapper’

Cab 1 externally has been receiving attention with the marker plate removed from that end too, but this time welding in inserts to make good rather than a full replacement like cab 2. The process of filling & sanding back of this cab outside body work has also commenced, revealing the outline of its pre-TOPS numbers D1767!

Meanwhile Cab 2 exterior is making great progress with a first coat of gloss now on most surfaces and work inside the cab of stripping back and preparing has also recommenced now the engine room is nearly fully painted out.

Overhaul work on ‘A’ side rad louvers frames x2 continues and should see them reinstated before too long. As does the servicing of the numerous batteries and associated battery links.

Our contractor has been on & off fabricating new parts of the engine room roof supports and mating surfaces that had been cut away as too badly corroded to recover. Along with reports that the contractor ‘up’ country is not far away from finishing the generator overhaul, which may well be heading back this way soon.

Engine rocker covers are being cleaned, painted and new gaskets fitted as part of the process of working our way through the ‘to do’ list. The removed Turbo has been getting some servicing and fresh paint too while it’s easy to get at being off the loco. The failed internal lights timer has had the failed component identified, replaced and tested ready for re-installation later on.

All in all a very busy couple of months!

Next month English Electric Day 13th May, both 37142 & 50042 running an intensive timetable with hopefully 08444 available for 'Driver for a £5'

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